Fees and Forms

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Annual Membership Fees

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$330.00 - Full Membership
$55.00 - Junior Membership (16-25 years)
$55.00 - Commercial Membership

Compulsory Promotional Levy

$5.00 - per ram sold on farm or at public auction
$0.50 - per ewe per year

Registration and Transfer Fees

Ewe (breeding age/show ewe) $5.00 per ewe
Ram (stud sire/show ram) $10.00 per ram
Ewe/Ram Transfer to another flock $2.00 per animal
Semen Transfer $20.00 per package
Embryo Transfer $20.00 per package 
NB: Registration of ewes is done once only, the fee is for the lifetime of the animal.

Export Fees

Members exporting SAMM sheep, semen or embryos to any overseas country should read the Rules and Regulations of the Society.

All animals and embryos must be registered before transfer and export of genetics.

Ewe transfer $10.00 per ewe
Ram transfer $10.00 per ram
Semen transfer $20.00 per package
Embryo transfer $20.00 per package

Penalty Fees

Late Annual Membership - $50.00
Late Transfer fee for stud rams and ewes - $5.00 per animal

Form Downloads
Membership Application Form

Membership Renewal Form

Annual Return Form

SAMM Society Rules and Regulations

Prime SAMM Breed Standards